Conor Kennedy endorses XL Dissent

“The construction of Keystone XL will be “game over” on the climate front, as climatologist Jim Hansen has stated. Most of us understand that we have reached the tipping point. The question now is whether we continue down the path toward cataclysm, or make a bold break towards a brighter future. The fight to stop […]


Crystal Lameman: A Message of Solidarity and a Reminder of the Ramifications of KXL

“We cannot talk about solidarity unless we are working collectively, looking beyond the confines we have created. As a First Nations woman whose home is located within the source of what this pipeline will ultimately transport, I remind President Obama that if he and his government approves this pipeline he will further assist in the […]


Bill McKibben Endorses XL DISSENT

“As the fight to stop KXL enters its final stages, it’s truly inspiring to see young people at the forefront. This pipeline is scheduled to last 40 years – right through the prime of their lives. President Obama needs to look them in the face.” -Bill McKibben